Class Syllabus

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4th Grade Class Syllabus


Some of the units covered in my class are: the scientific method, animal and plant adaptations, weathering & erosion, earthquakes & volcanoes, electricity & magnetism, and inventions. Students will work on assignments from the text and other supplemental resources. Students will also be conducting hands-on experiments to test their hypothesis. We will have an assessment after the completion of each unit.

Social Studies

Students will study both the fifty states, Arizona History, and a fraction of our Nation’s History. In Social Studies, we will include work from textbooks, Scholastic News Magazines, and other supplemental resources.Tests or a culmination project will be given at the end of each unit.
The 50 States-Quizzes
Every Monday, two new states will be introduced to our study map. Students are responsible for keeping this map in their Homework Folder. They are to study this each week. Every Friday, they will be tested on the states covered. They will be responsible for knowing all fifty states by the end of the year


Students will work daily from the math text. The text will be supplemented by hands-on or group activities and other related materials. The students will be tested at the end of each unit. Homework will be given accordingly. The expectations for fourth-grade math are high. A general overview of the skills covered are place value, muli-digit multiplication & division, decimals, fractions, measurements & temperatures, order of operations, geometry, and algebra. The weekly focus skill will be posted on our clasdroom website with helpful tutorials to demonstrate the skill requirements.
*Multiplication Tables Requirement:
All students are expected to memorize the multiplication tables by Thanksgiving. Students are to know the tables (up to twelves) to the extent that they can answer, within 30 seconds, any given table asked of them in random order.

Example, the 7’s table:



Subsequent success in fourth-grade math depends primarily on mastering this skill early in the school year. Parents should work with their child every day to ensure that the multiplication requirement is met. Students must study their flash cards every night. 

Mrs. Nikole Cortez