Multiplication Practice

The most impactful thing you can do to help your child in math during the first term in fourth-grade is to focus on mastering all multiplication facts as quickly as possible. All students are expected to memorize the multiplication tables by Thanksgiving. Subsequent success in fourth-grade math depends primarily on mastering this skill early in the school year.
Students are to know the tables (up to twelve) to the extent that they can answer, within 30 seconds, any given table asked of them in random order.



Parent Support

“Parents should work with their child every day to ensure that the multiplication requirement is met. Students must study their flash cards every night. In addition to flash cards, many fun and helpful math links are available to enrich your child’s learning.Students are instructed to work from left to right until the timer ends. They cannot skip any problems, or leave any problems blank. If they do not know the answer to a problem, they must make their best guess and quickly move on to the next problem.
Please use the following timed test downloads to print out and quiz your child. Your child should be able to meet the following guideline for fourth-grade level:

Math Assessment