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Studying the 50 States

Every Monday, two new states will be introduced to our study map. Children are more familiar with the surrounding states close to home, so we begin our study on the east, and work our way west. This allows students more time to familiarize themselves with states in less familiar territory for a lengthier period of time. Students will study the states each week at school, and at home. Every Friday, students are tested on the states covered up to that date. They will be responsible for knowing all fifty states by the end of the year. Below is a list of the states in the order in which we study throughout the year.


Study Map Downloads

MarylandNew HampshireMississippiSouth DakotaNebraska
Rhode Island Virginia Arkansas Illinois Idaho
Delaware Georgia Louisiana North Dakota Utah
Massachusetts South Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Nevada
New York Florida Wisconsin Kansas Washington
Pennsylvania Alabama Missouri Wyoming Alaska
Vermont North Carolina Indiana Texas Oregon
New Jersey West Virginia Michigan Colorado California
Maine Kentucky Iowa New Mexico Hawaii
Connecticut Tennessee Minnesota Montana Arizona